–  Mother’s Day –

Brunch & Dinner

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Mother’s Day at Saltwater Grille

In honor of this Mother’s Day Chef Nic has prepared a special Brunch & Dinner menu. We will also have a continental breakfast & dessert bar available at an extra cost. These stations will be served by our staff from behind partitions, wearing masks. The contintental breakfast and dessert bar is ‘all you can eat’ but will not be self-serve in compliance with current health regulations. 
Brunch will start with a breakfast buffet style with fruit, yogurt, pastries, juice, & coffee. Then a plated entrée of your choosing, and to top it all off, a dessert buffet with pies & cake.
Note: The buffets will be served by servers, behind partitions. Not a self-serve buffet. 


Reservation Required


Reservation Required